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Comprehensive Financing and Advisory Solutions

A Unique Execution Approach is Our Competitive Advantage

CapLab eliminates friction in capital markets and drives outcomes faster, more securely, and with the confidence that clients are receiving custom solutions tailored to their unique needs. As an integrated alternative financing platform, CapLab brings liquidity and stakeholder alignment to capital markets by leveraging its ecosystem of lenders and partners to maximize risk-adjusted returns. By synthesizing a dynamic marketplace model with balance sheet investing and advisory capabilities, CapLab is uniquely positioned to disrupt the current institutional gatekeepers and democratize financing for all.

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For Borrowers

CapLab has a suite of lenders offering highly flexible and customizable solutions for companies in any sector to ensure competitive success.


For Lenders

We do the hard work to ensure that the leads you see are pre-qualified and properly matched. Qualified lead gen, deal alerts straight to your inbox, and a streamlined workflow.

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For Partners

CapLab has strength in numbers. Our network of affiliate partners ensures that we have a steady flow of pre-qualified leads. Want to join caplab as an affiliate partner? Click learn more. 

CapLab’s Top Tier Management Team Brings World-Class Client Execution Abilities with a Personalized Customized Client Specific Touch – MEET THE PROFESSIONALS

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Ian Du


Carrying extensive experience with leveraged finance transactions, Ian’s background paves way to a unique level of insight into capital markets. As a former associate at J.P. Morgan and an early-stage venture capital firm, Ian is equipped with a breadth of knowledge in the funding space.

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Daniel Foussard


Daniel Foussard is an accomplished public and private markets investor with deep experience in business valuation, due diligence, and transaction advisory. He previously was the sole analyst for RC Ventures, a single-family office in Miami managing over $800 million, where he led investment research and acquisition diligence across all verticals. 


CapLab – Unique Capital Solutions Executed for Our Customized Clients at the Speed of Today’s Demanding Capital Markets Needs


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