For high-growth startups approaching profitability, Venture Debt is a great alternative to an additional funding round. Our partners have a primary focus on Tech and eCommerce companies, but also offer various solutions for all high-growth startups. Listed below are the baseline requirements (please note these terms are flexible - if your company does not fit within these parameters, other products may be a better fit):

  • Tech / eComm Companies

    • Min ARR: $3mm

    • No profitability requirement

  • Non-Tech / eComm Companies

    • Min ARR: $8mm

    • Must be profitable


Whether you’re starting your PreSeed round, Series A-C, or are looking for Growth Equity, CapLab and its partners offer a suite of highly competitive equity strategies in order to get your company the proper backing. For our VC and GE division, we invite the most brilliant minds of our generation. You will need a business plan that compels our partners to take action, an idea that will attack prospective market share, and most importantly a team with passion, dedication, and an unmatched tenacity.


Forward planning and strategy are pivotal to success down the road. For Early-Stage Startups, this can make or break your growth potential and investment efficacy. The combined knowledge of the CapLab team and its partners is an unparalleled solution for success.