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Corporate Borrowers


Large Companies never had problems accessing capital and with the massive growth in Small Business Lending, the gap has been unveiled for Mid-Sized Businesses.


CapLab’s network of lenders offers a suite of financing solutions allocating between $1mm-$250mm+.

Minimum Annual Revenue: $1mm


With 100s of lenders in our network, we are able to source the right deal in a very efficient timeframe. The lender network was built on the premise of speed and flexibility. Most of which have the capability to close deals in 2-3 weeks rather than the 6-12 month timeframe provided by traditional banking institutions.


"We Can. And We Will."

This is the mantra of CapLab, defining our direction and purpose. By bridging the informational asymmetries between lenders and mid-sized companies, creating competition within the lender network to source you the best deal, and attaining a deep understanding of your company's needs, we prove value to you. 

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